Subject Matter Experts

Mainframe Tape Subject Matter Experts

Your Data Center and Tape Requirements Are Unique

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) bring decades of mainframe tape experience to Luminex’s pre-sales consulting practice. Their experience and expertise in pre-sales tape consulting has been enhanced by implementing disk-based virtual tape solutions to replace physical tape, tape libraries and virtual tape cache products in every major industry around the world.

These SMEs are prepared to share their experience, assess customer requirements and discuss the best practices for tape storage options that can be used to achieve each customer’s goals and objectives. They’ll architect the best solution and we'll install it.

Pre-Sales Consulting

Since every mainframe environment is unique, our Subject Matter Experts perform detailed tape assessments and consultations to architect the optimal solution for each data center's specific goals and requirements.

What are your challenges?

Luminex SMEs have decades of experience in identifying and addressing customer requirements. Though each mainframe data center has their own specific combination of challenges, our SMEs encounter some common issues including:

  • Aging tape, tape library or virtual tape
    • End of Life (EOL) or End of Support (EOS)
  • Need to improve backup & remote DR
  • Must reduce or eliminate physical tape
  • Tape security issues
  • Need to reduce tape/storage related costs
  • Need better performance for batch or production tape
  • Improve HSM ML2 or archiving

Tape Assessments

A tape assessment provides Luminex SMEs valuable information regarding current and future performance and capacity requirements. This data is the foundation for a solution engineered with an optimal balance of capabilities and value, so you only buy what you need and avoid under- or over-configured "one-size-fits-all" solutions. Tape assessments yield tailored recommendations for:

  • Number of channels
  • Storage capacity
  • Network capacity

These recommendations come from a detailed review of your current tape usage, including:

  • Throughput analysis (MBytes/sec)
    • RMF channel stats
    • SMF21 records
  • Storage capacity assessment
    • Tape management catalog
    • Data categorization
    • Applications in use
    • Last 45 Days of Activity
    • Data aging
RMF Type 23 By SysplexTMC Analysis by Application

Tape assessments provide valuable data for performance and capacity planning

Luminex Tape Migration Tools and Services

Luminex Tape Migration Tools and Services are available to migrate your data from old, physical tape cartridges to a new virtual tape solution. Our tape migration engineers will provide pre-sales consulting, assessment, an implementation plan and Statement of Work, migrate your data and assist with the cut-over to the new solution.

In addition, on-site installation and on going 7x24 support will ensure that you enjoy the benefits of the solution for years to come.

For further information, contact us or call 1-888-LUMINEX (1-888-586-4639).