Remember How Great StorageTek Was? We Do.

Years ago, StorageTek was known for great products and great people, some of whom joined Luminex to carry on that tradition of greatness and amazing customer support [↓]. As Subject Matter Experts in mainframe virtual tape, they architect, implement and support Luminex solutions for the world's largest data centers [↓], acting as trusted advisors and an extension of your mainframe team.

Luminex MVT: The StorageTek VSM Alternative

Luminex Mainframe Virtual Tape (MVT™) has become the solution of choice to replace VSM as customers recognize the innovation, depth of features and high value-to-performance factor offered in its modular architecture. Luminex MVT 2.0 is the latest version of the highly regarded solution, and the best option for VSM users who are looking for an alternative with a clear future and roadmap to support the mainframe for decades to come.

A Heritage (and Future) of Innovation

Luminex pioneered many features that are now requirements for enterprise-class mainframe virtual tape, such as wire-speed FICON, Push Button DR testing, VOLSER-level replication monitoring, Cloud storage and continuous availability.

With MVT 2.0, we're continuing our heritage of innovation and setting the bar, again, for what you should expect in a mainframe virtual tape solution, such as:

  • MVThsm™: Off-host HSM recycle for ML2 without the MSUs
  • Luminex Replication: More policies for greater flexibility, CloudTAPE integration, tiering and transparent recall
  • CloudTAPE™: More security and availability options with air gap, tiering, versioning and object metadata support
  • Multi-Tenancy Management: Separate Global and Tenant views, alerting and admin features
  • SecureTransfer Express™: Offload managed file transfers for greater security, speed and reliability, all as easily as writing a tape
  • MDI-Ready: Future-proof your mainframe investment with FICON-based integration, data movement and co-processing capabilities
MVT 2.0: New Features

Luminex Delivers… Big

MVT solutions are used by the largest, most demanding mainframe data centers for the most valuable companies in the world. Starting with 2U solutions that fit into a standard 19" rack, MVT solutions can scale BIG! For example:

Luminex Delivers... Big

Whether your mainframe tape environment is bigger or smaller, there is an MVT that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Seamless Migration from VSM

Transitioning from VSM to MVT is fast, efficient and seamless with Luminex Tape Migration Software and Services. Luminex is the only mainframe virtual tape provider that can also provide migration services with their own tools and migration engineers. Our team of tape experts have extensive experience moving large, complex VSM workloads and data to MVT under tight, critical deadlines.

Luminex's Tape Migration software provides data migration, validation and reporting with adjustable pacing using a MIPS-friendly started task. Tape copies are identical clones, retaining the original VOLSER labels, unusual tape mark combinations and any data beyond the last tape mark.

Tape Monitoring and Allocation Control Software (TMACS™) silently steers tape read/write requests during the migration process, enabling VSM and MVT to coexist as a single tape system from the mainframe's perspective.

Seamless Migration from VSM

Large Physical Tape Archives? Convert off-host and on-demand

For organizations with large and remotely stored physical tape archives, shipping and migrating PBs of rarely (if ever) accessed data is a daunting task. Luminex solves this challenge with its Physical-to-Virtual (P2V™) off-host migration solution. Installed at the remote archive location, P2V reads in a physical tape, converts it to a virtual tape and replicates it to either a mainframe-connected MVT for reading, or directly to a Cloud storage provider for later access. The process is done on-demand and requires no mainframe resources.

VSM-to-MVT Case Studies

Case Studies

Read more about how Luminex helped VSM customers improve their mainframe tape operations:

What Our Customers Say

"This was the most seamless implementation I have ever seen."

— Fortune Global Top 5 Company

“We just conducted our first DR Test using Luminex system – worked flawlessly. In prior tests it would take 45 min to configure tapes with VSM. New system took no more than 5 minutes. Our Production problem that we were so worried about is resolved! Also had the effect of significantly improving DR. Thanks for a job well done.”

— Major State IT Center

"This has been a phenomenal installation experience. The data center move was painless. My job is significantly easier since replacing our VSM. And our DR test using Push Button DR was flawless! We're as happy as can be and would be happy to be a reference, anytime."

— Regional Insurance Company

"I cannot fully express the gratitude, appreciation, and respect I have for your company and employees. Your constant availability, no matter the time or day, to listen to and address the customer’s concerns, to answer any and all questions, and to take responsibility for the entire process regardless of whether or not the underlining cause is with Luminex owned equipment or not. Your willingness to go the extra mile without hesitation or argument; without any attempt to haggle over cost or responsibility is what has impressed me the most. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company to anyone."

— Major Federal IT Center

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