ProtecTIER Mainframe Edition

IBM® ProtecTIER® Mainframe Edition

Enterprise-Class Mainframe Virtual Tape with Data Deduplication

IBM ProtecTIER for Mainframe Virtual Tape featuring CGX

With ProtecTIER Mainframe Edition (ME):

  • Remote replication to DR sites is practical
  • DR exercises and execution are manageable
  • Floor and rack space requirements are minimal

When considering an alternative to physical tape drives, tape libraries and disk cache-tape library combinations, the operational cost and resource requirements can go well beyond the virtual tape products themselves. Since most disk-based virtual tape products replicate tape data to remote disaster recovery (DR) sites, the cost of resources at both sites and the network between them must be thoroughly considered. This can be a critical concern if network bandwidth, floor space or power are substantial expenses for one or both sites.

ProtecTIER ME combines IBM's HyperFactor® deduplication technology with Luminex's CGX and DataStream Intelligence to maximize mainframe data deduplication, typically achieving rates of 10–25x. This level of efficiency means that network bandwidth requirements are reduced by 90–95%, making it practical and more affordable to replicate all mainframe tape data to a remote site for disaster recovery. Replication Monitoring (RepMon) and Push Button DR options are available to facilitate DR testing and execution with powerful, yet simple automation.

Deduplication vs. Compression

In this example, only 10 TB of deduplicated storage capacity is required for 100 TB of raw tape data. Replication requirements for backup data benefits from even higher deduplication rates. Only 67 GB must be replicated to the DR site for daily backups.

The solution's compact, modular design (starting at 5U) can also enable you to reclaim floor space in the production data center while using a minimum of rack space at the DR site. For third party DR sites, the financial savings for rack and floor space could be significant.

Batch processing, HSM and other read intensive tape applications will benefit from ProtecTIER ME's exceptional read performance. Also, since the solution requires no physical tapes or mechanical tape libraries, the cost and delays associated with tape media, shipping, off site storage and tape library maintenance can be reduced or eliminated.

Typical ProtecTIER ME disaster recovery configuration

Typical production and disaster recovery configuration with ProtecTIER Mainframe Edition.

For IT managers who would prefer to use a common virtual tape storage target for mainframes and open systems, a common ProtecTIER storage system can be used for both environments. In addition to simplifying storage management, remote replication for mainframe and open systems DR can be managed by a single storage system.

Luminex Tape Migration tools and services are available to migrate tapes from the old environment to the new ProtecTIER ME solution.

ProtecTIER ME is available via select IBM Business Partners. Contact Luminex here or call 888.586.4639 for further assistance or for a referral to select business partners for your data center.

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