Luminex Enterprise-Class Mainframe Virtual Tape with IBM System Storage Products

IBM ProtecTIER for Mainframe Virtual Tape featuring CGX

Solution Overview:

When mainframe data centers need to replace their tape drives, libraries or virtual tape products, Luminex CGX mainframe virtual tape solutions can be combined with IBM® System Storage® to improve all aspects of tape operations, reduce cost and significantly improve disaster recovery preparedness.

With CGX, IT managers have the option of selecting the IBM System Storage of their choice. By leveraging our years of experience and the expertise of our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), we'll consult with prospective customers to determine which IBM System Storage solutions offer the best virtual tape storage target for their environent. Our SMEs can also provide a tape analysis/study to determine the tape storage capacity, throughput and network bandwidth required, at no charge.

Based on the study, we will provide our recommendations for the best solution, which may include CGX with compression, remote replication for disaster recovery (DR) and fibre channel attached storage, such as the Systems Storage DS3500. Or, for data centers that would like to replicate data to a remote DR site, but have network bandwidth constraints, we recommend that they consider using IBM's System Storage ProtecTIER® with data deduplication. By substantially reducing the tape storage capacity and network bandwidth requirements, data deduplication can make it practical to replicate all virtual tape data to a remote DR site over a wide area network.

Also, the benefits of data deduplication are not limited to mainframes. With CGX and NFS attached ProtecTIER storage, the distributed systems and mainframe can use a common ProtecTIER deduplication storage target for backups.

Typical Luminex MVT disaster recovery configuration with Channel Gateway and IBM ProtecTIER Deduplication Storage

Typical Luminex MVT disaster recovery configuration with Channel Gateways and IBM ProtecTIER storage.
Channel Gateway's DataStream Intelligence enables greater deduplication rates. Storage sharing with open systems is optional.

How Does the Solution Work?

CGX virtual tape control units emulate 3490 or 3590 devices and they're plug-compatible with IBM mainframe FICON and ESCON channels. The solution will be configured with high performance IBM System Storage, with RAID for additional data protection and resiliency. CGX supports up to 8Gb FICON connectivity to the mainframe to achieve the industry's best FICON performance and throughput. The entire solution is mainframe application transparent, so customers can continue to use existing applications without modification.

When ProtecTIER is used with CGX, Luminex Mainframe DataStream Intelligence™ will enable customers to achieve extraordinary deduplication rates, making remote replication of all tape data practical and more affordable.

For added data protection and security, most configurations offer options for encryption, key management, industry leading replication monitoring and DR options, such as RepMon and Push Button DR. So, eliminating slower, expensive and cumbersome processes associated with packing, shipping and recovering physical tapes can be a reality.

Since the transition from the old physical tape environment to the new virtual tape solution may require tape migration software and services as well, Luminex tape migration tools and services are available.

These tools and services facilitate a near-seamless, fully secure migration with virtually no impact to enterprise operations. In fact, with Luminex tape migration software, the original tape volume serial numbers and historical information are also retained after cut-over to the new virtual tape environment.

So, with CGX solutions, customers get all of the products and services needed to ensure a smooth transition to the new solution.

For additional information regarding CGX specifications, please refer to the Luminex CGX specifications sheet.