Stream Computing Interface: Accelerate, Transform, Share

Luminex MDI Stream Computing Interface

Host Connectivity for Accelerated, Cross Platform Data Transformation & Sharing

Leveraging Big Data requires solutions that can accelerate time to insight and offer a competitive advantage for large volumes of data with a variety of data types. Stream computing appliances enable customers to more efficiently process and harness Big Data for mainframes and distributed systems. However, until now, industry leading solutions such as VelociData’s Enterprise Streaming Compute Appliance (ESCA) did not offer FICON or ESCON connectivity for the mainframe, instead relying on FTP.

When combined with Luminex’s MDI Stream Computing Interface (MDI-SCI), mainframe data centers can leverage the extraordinary speed of ESCA to accelerate the transformation, pre-processing and sharing of mainframe data to extract more value from Big Data environments over FICON or ESCON channels. The combined solution can:

  • Save MIPS and off-load the mainframe workload for other tasks
  • Get secure, efficient and on-demand access to virtual tape data
  • Access data faster, less expensively and more securely than FTP
  • Leverage the value of mainframe data transparently
  • Enable each platform to use data for analytics in its own format

MDI-SCI is an enterprise-class control unit that supports FICON (up to 8Gb) or ESCON. It provides a secure and highly available interface to VelociData’s ESCA for high speed, highly efficient data transformation.

Mainframe Batch Interface Channel Gateway X

Real-time, in-line data transformation can be performed off-host, saving MIPS and accelerating common operations, all over secure and efficient FICON channels. The resulting data is made available to the host faster and more cost-effectively than native processing.

The combined solution from VelociData and Luminex was driven by customer requests and represents an extraordinary way to increase the velocity of mainframe data analytics and secure data sharing between mainframe and distributed systems.

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