Solutions for All Mainframe Tape Use

Solutions for All Mainframe Tape Use

Based on our industry leading MODERN Mainframe Virtual Tape Technology, Luminex has been providing the answers for mainframe enterprises for years. Luminex’s products and technology provide real solutions for real business needs with the reliability, high performance and total cost of ownership benefits that you demand. Luminex's product line is designed to provide unique capabilities to non-disruptively address each of the four major customer storage needs:

Luminex considers these four classifications of storage and storage management to be the “Customer Storage World” that our solutions are designed to address. In addition, Luminex provides mainframe tape migration professional IT services for our mainframe enterprise customers so that all of their data can be more efficiently stored on Luminex’s virtual tape solution, enabling them to go tapeless!

Primary/Operational Primary Operational

While some mainframe data centers have adopted disk (DASD) for primary operations, many mainframes continue to rely on tape for primary operations as well, including batch processing and production. DASD can be an expensive and limited resource. Leveraging high speed, cost-effective disk for virtual tape yields significant improvements in all primary operational tasks, saving time and money while improving reliability.


Use MVTs with integrated high performance and highly available disk storage or Channel Gateways with FC or NAS attached storage from the industry's leading storage providers. Primary tape data can be accessed using virtual tape at disk speeds, instead of using slower physical tape drives and tape libraries. With No Single Point of Failure (NSPOF) configurations, both MVT and CGX offer uninterrupted access to Primary Operational data.

backup and RecoveryBackup and Recovery

This includes all copies of data that are secondary sources for retrieval in the event that the primary copy is either not available or no longer accurate.  This includes providing assurance that data is retrievable in the face of physical disasters or primary storage malfunctions, as well as accidental or malicious editing or destruction of primary data.  Retrieval may be required at the primary data center location, and at a secondary recovery site location. 

Physical tapes created as secondary copies of Primary Operational data, both kept onsite and taken offsite, remain the primary mechanism for Backup and Recovery.  However, advancements in technology and bandwidth continue to provide new options for providing additional values while solving Backup and Recovery needs.


Use MVTs with integrated high performance and highly available disk storage or Channel Gateways with FC attached storage from the industry's leading storage providers. When using this solution, virtual tape data can be replicated from the production site to the remote disaster recovery site to improve disaster recovery planning, testing and execution.

  • High performance
  • NSPOF configurations
  • Compression or deduplication for reduced network bandwidth requirements
  • Remote replication with advanced business continuity and DR options

Use the Channel Gateways with industry-leading NFS-based backup storage systems to leverage extraordinary compression rates with deduplication and remote replication to create a fully tapeless backup and recovery infrastructure.

  • High availability
  • Deduplication for reduced network bandwidth and disk storage requirements
  • Remote replication with advanced business continuity and DR options

Use CloudTAPE for geographically dispersed, always available, secure and fully-managed storage of 3rd copies of Backup and Recovery data.

Archival and ComplianceArchive and Compliance

The unique requirements for Archive data are increasingly understood and recognized as different than the requirements of Backup data or Operational data. And the recent wave of business and legal requirements for ensuring data is secure, unchanged, and available has created an entire market for Compliance-based storage solutions geared towards data archives. Archive data is similar to Primary data in that it is the primary copy or source for retrieval. However, this data is not "Operational" but it is by nature intended to never change and to be accessible in a fixed format for it's useful life. Although a secondary copy of Archive data is usually created for Disaster Recovery needs, this copy is created once and archived data should not be part of the daily and weekly backup process.

The term "fixed content" also refers to this data, and many assume that the Archive and Compliance category is the largest growing area of data storage with unique storage management needs. Due to the capacity required, mainframe archive data has traditionally been stored on tape cartridges either on large shelves or in very large tape libraries. However, cost-effective disk-based storage solutions and, especially, cloud-based storage solutions are providing new options and values for managing archive data.


Use CloudTAPE for geographically dispersed, always available, secure and fully-managed Archive and Compliance storage for mainframe tape data. The need to use an internal or 3rd party remote infrastructure or vaults for archive copies is eliminated. CloudTAPE also includes CGSafe for encryption and key management, the ideal solution for protecting archived data, especially for regulatory or SLA compliance.

Use MVTs or Channel Gateways, with attached storage from the industry's leading storage providers, to provide fast and convenient archiving of mainframe tape data. Eliminate packing, shipping and warehousing physical tapes by switching to Luminex virtual tape. MVT and CGX also offer CGSafe encryption and key management for regulatory or SLA compliance.

Data DistributionData Sharing and Integration

As the system of record for an enterprise's most valuable data, the mainframe faces growing demand for secure and efficient data transfer with distributed systems, such as Big Data applications. This exchange of data is critical to gaining business insights and meeting customer requirements. However, it can also challenge ever-tightening security policies and data center resources.

Luminex's mainframe-centric approach to managed file transfer leverages secure and efficient native I/O channels as well as end-to-end encryption, eliminating the need to open vulnerable and MIPS-intensive TCP/IP ports on the mainframe.


Use MDI to implement automated, highly customizable data sharing and integration workflows between the mainframe and distributed systems. Based on Luminex's renowned CGX mainframe virtual tape platform, MDI uses a tape context for exchanging data over native mainframe I/O channels. MDI also includes a MIPS-friendly host process to provide mainframe ingest from distributed systems-initiated workflows as well as off-host data transformation and acceleration appliances.

Use Data|WARE Enterprise to automatically create encrypted CD/DVD/Blu-Ray media directly from existing mainframe tape applications.

  • MDI
  • Data|WARE Enterprise CD/DVD/Blu-Ray