Converged Mainframe Data Solutions

Converged Mainframe Data Solutions

A Vision Realized By Data Centers Worldwide… Again

For decades, Luminex has been relentless in its commitment to customer-driven solutions, which converge best-of-breed, yet often disparate technologies into a single, cohesive mainframe solution. Luminex’s vision of converging the leading distributed systems products and technologies with Luminex mainframe control units (CUs) have produced many of the mainframe storage industry’s most progressive solutions.

The implementation of this vision has enabled hundreds of mainframe customers worldwide to benefit from the convergence of these mainframe CUs with:

  • NAS, dedupe, Fibre Channel or internal storage for virtual tape and DASD
  • Cloud storage for tape data vaulting
  • Off-host, on-demand conversion of physical tapes to virtual tape from local or remote archives
  • And most recently, stream computing appliances for off-loading the mainframe workload, by transforming, pre-processing and streaming data at wire speeds for Big Data analytics and secure sharing with other platforms

Not Just Another Storage Device

Luminex CUs are not just for virtual tape and DASD storage, they’re a mainframe data solutions platform. With this platform, not only can storage systems be shared between mainframes and distributed systems, mainframe data can be shared or streamed in real time for analysis or repurposing.

Stream Computing Appliances for Analytics and Secure Sharing
Stream Computing Appliances for Analytics and Secure Sharing

Data storage in business computing systems, and mainframes in particular, have progressed from storage by IT-staff-only to storage via the Internet, mobile computing, monitoring systems and others. Harnessing the resulting Big Data is often beyond the capability of single systems. In response, solutions such as Hadoop and others have emerged to provide a framework for distributed storage and processing of very large datasets on computer clusters. These and other solutions make it practical to perform Big Data analytics for customers in all industries, to gain competitive advantages.

When CGX is combined with solutions from Luminex business partners, such as VelociData, they enable mainframe customers to off-load the mainframe workload and save MIPS for other business critical operations such as transaction processing.  Historical and real time mainframe data is accessed through the Luminex CGX and transformed, pre-processed and streamed at speeds that are orders of magnitude faster using VelociData’s Enterprise Stream Computing Appliance (ESCA). ESCA accelerates Big Data analytics solutions and makes real time analytics at wire speeds possible.

Virtual Tape Virtual Tape

Today’s most efficient solutions leverage technologies that enable faster access, faster site-to-site communications and immediate, one-to-many capability. Luminex was one of the first vendors to implement enterprise-class virtual tape solutions that require no physical tape at all. Today, these CUs are used iin Luminex Channel Gateway (CGX) and Mainframe Virtual Tape (MVT) solutions which offer the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive options for high performance, site-to-site replication, data protection and remote disaster recovery.

Luminex Tape Migration and Conversion tools and services enable host-based tape migration from non-Luminex products, off-host migration for Luminex solutions and remote, off-host conversion of 3490 or 3590 tape archives for replication to Luminex virtual tape systems.


Luminex’s mainframe DASD controller has a compact 2U footprint and it can be configured with internal, NAS or FC attached storage from major vendors to provide Tier 2 Storage (T2S) for production environments or for development systems. The T2S can be connected to the mainframe via FICON or ESCON.

Data centers that are facing the DS6800™ storage service withdrawal (End of Support), should consider the T2S option.

Cloud Storage Cloud Storage

The Luminex CloudTAPE™ option enables customers to use cloud storage for infrequently-accessed and long-term retention data, such as archives or additional copies of tape data, in always available, geographically dispersed and secure cloud storage. The need to use internal or 3rd party remote infrastructure or physical tape vaults for 3rd or archive copies is eliminated.

The commitment continues…

When valuable technology advancements occur outside of the traditional mainframe space, our commitment is to make those technologies available to mainframe data centers through our enterprise-class control units and innovative leadership.

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