Luminex Replication Solutions for Mainframe Virtual Tape

Luminex Replication

Data Availability and Recovery for Mainframe Virtual Tape

As data centers make the transition to tapeless environments, the traditional method of cataloging, packing, shipping and warehousing physical tapes is being replaced with more efficient and cost-effective IP-based replication to remote sites for DR and archiving. Luminex Replication for Mainframe Virtual Tape (MVT) and CGX solutions expands the possibilities for data availability with flexible policies, targets, and methods as well as VOLSER-level monitoring and non-disruptive DR testing at the push of a button.

Powerful and Comprehensive Capabilities

Typical disaster recovery configuration with Luminex Replication (top), and optional third or bunker site with cascading replication (inset, bottom).

Luminex Replication provides multi-target and cascading replication to a variety of targets with flexible policies to serve the needs of any mainframe environment, from small and straight-forward, to the largest and most complex.

Flexibility to Put Data Where and When You Need It

MVT's modular architecture enables Luminex Replication to provide a wide range and combination of policy options that can be assigned at the tape range and/or device range (logical library) levels. With so many options, every mainframe data center can have a replication architecture that meets their unique circumstances and requirements, ensuring maximum data availability.

  • Copies: One-to-One, One-to-Many, Cascading
  • Targets: MVT/CGX, MVT Vault, Cloud Providers, Object Storage
  • Methods: On unload, Selectively (from a single VOLSER to mainframe managed lists)
  • Tiering: Selectively move tape data to other sites, leaving "stubs" to free up local capacity while providing transparent recall from remote storage

Push Button DR: Non-Disruptive DR Testing, Faster Recoveries

Luminex Replication accelerates and simplifies the process of preparing your DR environment for testing or recovery with its Push Button DR feature. At the click of a button, a space-efficient clone of the data at the DR Site is created and enabled for mainframe I/O (see virtual demo below). The original data remains protected from mainframe I/O, but continues to receive replicated data from the Production site.

Virtual Demo

Starting a DR test can be as easy as clicking a button. Give it a try.

Since recovery data is continuously transmitted to the remote site, even the most recently written data is immediately available for DR testing, shortening the time it takes to begin recovery procedures down to minutes. By simplifying and shortening the process, Luminex Replication users report that they are able to perform more frequent and/or extensive testing events. Additionally, recovery and testing success is improved since there is no risk of missing, mislabeled or damaged physical tapes.

Enterprises can now meet and improve backup windows, service level agreements (SLAs) as well as RPO and RTO requirements with minimal operator intervention and without the costs and risks of handing off valuable data to a third party for transit or vaulting.

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