Mainframe file transfers over native I/O channels: FICON > TCP/IP

Luminex MDI SecureTransfer

A Better Alternative for Mainframe File Transfer

Using TCP/IP services on the mainframe to share data with distributed systems is expensive, inefficient, often too slow and presents potential security risks. Yet most methods of sharing data from the mainframe rely on TCP/IP, including FTP, SFTP and a whole class of Managed File Transfer applications.

Luminex MDI SecureTransfer leverages the mainframe's native FICON I/O channels to share data without the overhead or drawbacks of TCP/IP on the mainframe.

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File transfer over FICON is superior to TCP/IP

MDI SecureTransfer uses FICON, rather than mainframe TCP/IP, to improve mainframe data sharing.

Why use FICON instead of TCP/IP?

FICON was specifically engineered for fast and efficient mainframe I/O. SecureTransfer's FICON-based data transfer can reduce both transmission times and MIPS usage by 90+% compared to TCP/IP-based transfers. SecureTransfer also offloads other data sharing tasks from the mainframe such as encryption and data conversion.

File transfers via SecureTransfer are 90+% faster than SFTP

FICON is inherently secure, whereas TCP/IP is a high-level target for unauthorized data access. Unfortunately, despite security and compliance requirements, many data centers still use unsecured FTP for internal and external transfers. SecureTransfer offers a simple, secure and powerful alternative.

Easy to Use and Implement

Time, effort and experience are cited as the primary challenges for the transition away from TCP/IP-based data transfer workflows.

With SecureTransfer, transferring data is as simple as executing an IEBGENER. Concurrent and large file transfers are no longer an issue. There are no digital certificates to administer, and existing JCL can be easily converted with Luminex JCL Conversion Utilities and Services by the hundreds or thousands.

An even easier option is SecureTransfer's drop-in replacement option, which seamlessly converts FTP jobs to SFTP without the need to make changes to JCL, adding all of the benefits of SecureTransfer immediately and effortlessly.

Whether you're looking to reduce mainframe MIPS, improve security or improve the speed, volume and reliability of your data transmissions, Luminex MDI SecureTransfer can improve each aspect of mainframe data sharing.

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